BeStrongAF's mission: To empower individuals to Be Strong in health, strength,nourishment,mental,physical,emotional, and spiritual well being. 

BeStrongAF believes in giving back. Therefore, 10% of all apparel sales will be donated to FeedingAmerica to provide families with meals who unfortunately don't have the nourishment we all need.

What does it mean to me to BeStrong.AF?

It means to have a growth mindset and realize that we all struggle but it is how we overcome those obstacles in order to grow and be a stronger individual.

It means to care about and understand the importance of our health (eating healthy and being physically active) in order to reduce the chances of preventable diseases. To be healthy and wake up everyday feeling good because we are nourishing our body every single day with a balanced diet.

It means to keep pushing ourselves to keep striving to do better (whether that means progressively lifting heavier weights and having the mindset in believing you have the ability to do so)

You see in order to bestrong.AF it is not just about physical strength it is about all aspects of wellness. It has to do with our mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational well being. If one is not in check the others fall short.